Whisper, Melody & Snowdrop Garters

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Meet our dreamy new trio of garters, Whisper, Melody & Snowdrop.

Wrap yourself in a whisper of dreams with our handmade garters, each designed to add a touch of magic to your special day.

Whisper:  Two edelweiss flowers, symbols of enduring love, bloom at the centre, flanked by ethereal petals that seem to dance in the breeze, while shimmering beads catch the light like dewdrops on a rose petal. Each flower, meticulously sewn, tells a story of love and joy, a secret talisman for your happily ever after.

Melody: A delicate satin band, as smooth as a lover's touch, embraces your thigh. Embroidered with swirling vines and delicate blossoms, this garter sings a song of spring and new beginnings. Tiny pearls, like musical notes on a staff, accent the intricate design, adding a touch of elegance and grace.

Snowdrop: Inspired by the first flower of winter, this garter features delicate lace adorned with shimmering faux pearls that mimic dewdrops glistening on snowdrop petals. A symbol of hope and renewal, this garter promises a love that will bloom even in the darkest of times.

Each garter is a wearable work of art, a delicate symbol of love and new beginnings. Whether you choose to wear it as a secret love letter to yourself or share it in the time-honored tradition, let the unique and evocative details of your chosen garter enhance your special day. A reminder of the beauty and joy that lie ahead, and a celebration of the love story you're creating.

Please note these are limited editions and only a handful off each design will be made.

*Please note  slight variations may occur in the beading and florals used, but the overall look will remain the same.


Our products are responsibly made by hand in our ethical studio in Cape Town. They have no price tags on them and come in a pretty box which is wrapped in our luxurious, locally sourced tissue paper. Each box also contains a hand embroidered delicately fragranced Luna sachet and a unique polaroid, making the opening of the box even more enticing!

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Please Note it is important to keep in mind that all our pieces are handmade by a small team. We take pride in the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each item, ensuring that is meets our high standards of quality. In order to prioritise sustainability and minimise waste, we work with a made-to-order model. Therefore, the manufacturing time of an order can take up to 10 working days. (If you have an urgent order please just pop us a message and we will will try our utmost best to accommodate you.)