Self love is something that is very important to us at Luna Intimates and we wanted to create something special to celebrate the beauty of women learning to love themselves.
Many of us know the pressure we as women find ourselves under in our modern society. We are confronted with so many expectations and images on a daily basis that it has become increasingly difficult not to hold ourselves to the standards of the world, when all we need to do is listen to our own bodies and our own idea of what beauty is.
 Having this wonderful platform and audience of strong, unique women we thought it would only be right to showcase the magic that comes with dipping your toes in this thing called self love. We know it isn't easy, but we do believe it is worth it, because you are worth it. Always.
We reached out on our social media channels to find women who thought they were in need of exploring this thing called self love further. We were overwhelmed and moved by the response we received and realised that spreading our message was becoming increasingly important to us.
We found 8 incredible women to spoil with a Self Love shoot on the dreamy Bakoven beach in Cape Town. The day was filled with delicates, laughter, cheek, compliments, champagne, picnics and the actual magic that occurs when women build each other up. (We are not even joking. Magic)
In one afternoon strangers became friends and we all basked in the sun and the warmth which comes with the process of learning how to accept and love ourselves.

 We asked these incredible women to share their thoughts on Self Love. We suggest you make yourself a cup of tea and read through these beautiful words.


"For me self love is finally being able to hold the word ‘enough’ comfortably in my hand. It is being soft and kind and gentle with myself. It is the realisation that I am as fragile and vulnerable as a moth wing and that’s okay. It is being hurt and hardened and still choosing to be soft. It is offering myself happiness and twirling into a whirlwind of love and dancing to my own heartbeat. 
Put yourself first and love yourself unconditionally."




"For me self-love is less about trying to “show off” and more about learning to embrace and love every aspect of myself - my quirks, insecurities, best parts and worst parts. It’s about waking up, looking in the mirror, seeing the lines on the corner of my eyes or the cellulite on my thighs and loving every part of it."





"My biggest lesson has been to learn to be the best version of myself and not the second best version of someone else. Self love is about striving to be the best version of yourself each day, through the small things like being kind to people around you, or bigger things like partaking in self-care challenges or practises to learn new ways of loving yourself. Show yourself a little bit of love every single day and it will all add up."


"I try to focus on the things that my body allows me to accomplish instead of solely focusing on my outer appearance. Taking care of my body out of appreciation has been more fulfilling than punishing it out of insecurity."
"Loving myself is one of the single greatest things I have done. It has given me the confidence to live my life on my own terms and strive to be the best version of me."




"Loving ones self come from within, I feel that as women we need to remember that we are strong and that alone makes us all unbelievably beautiful in our own way. I enjoy exercising but also indulging now and again. We as women shouldn't allow what society depicts as beauty to determine our own."



"I think self love is basking in your own being, but it's also being gentle to yourself on the days you don't feel beautiful, or kind, or intelligent. It's not always loud - sometimes you revel in it and others it has to compete with many harsher voices - but it is always there."




"I think self love is listening to your body and what it needs. If that's a chocolate, a day in bed or some good greens. Then that's what it needs and we shouldn't feel bad about nurturing ourselves."




"You attract what you feel & think about yourself. Loving yourself is only mandatory in order to attract what you deserve."



I was so inspired by these group of women celebrating their own beauty and empowering the women around them that I had to join them for a part of the shoot.

I thought I would share my own experience and ideas about Self Love with you.

I have struggled to love myself for years until I decided to commit to looking at things in a different light. Instead of punishing my body for all the things it wasn't; I started loving it for all the things it was and could do.

The freckles that I thought were imperfections became sun kisses that I inherited from my redhead mom. My legs weren't bulky to me anymore, they were strong. The scars on my knees became signs of my resilience.

It's not always easy and naturally there are days where I fall back into old habits, but even on those days I try to focus on being gentle and kind to myself and going out of my way to give my body what it needs. Whether it is a yoga session, a walk with my dogs or the biggest ice cream sundae. 

Love yourself unconditionally, it will be the start of a lifelong romance.x


We hope you enjoyed reading about our Self Love Campaign and that you are inspired to commit to loving the amazing, strong, lovely and powerful woman you are. x


We'll leave you with one of our favourite Emery Allen quotes:

“Kiss your own fingertips
and hug your own curves.
You are made of waves and honey
and spicy peppers when it is necessary.
You are a goddess,
I hope you haven’t forgotten.”
Campaign captured by talented Natasha Maritz. 
March 04, 2019 — Mianca Teifel
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