We are honoured to bring you another self love shoot, featuring 5 incredible models and a magical photographer. This campaign took place in beautiful, balmy Durban.
The world around us seems increasingly chaotic, so we found it the perfect time to celebrate and motivate you to explore, the peace and tranquility that unfolds when you start loving the skin you're in.
We live in a society which repeatedly encourage us to focus on our perceived flaws. Reducing us to smaller versions of ourselves. Versions that limit us from living the beautiful, extraordinary lives we were meant to live. What better way to counter this negative pull than to not only surround oneself with powerful women who remind you of your own strength, but to take a moment daily to revel in all the little things that make you, you. 
We asked our incredible models and photographer to share with us what self love means to them. Secondly we wanted to find out their favourite thing about themselves. We suggest you make yourself a steaming cup of tea, settle in and read these beautiful words to follow.


 "Self love, for me has definitely come with age. I reached 40 with one eye open and one tightly shut, fingers in my ears waiting for a big bang and thought everything I knew would change. When I opened my eyes, it had changed, for the better. Every lesson I had learned, every experience I had gone through all led me to this wonderful epiphany - at the end of the day, you only have you and if you don’t love you from the inside to the outside, you won’t truly feel settled. So make it count, love yourself from the inside to the outside and let it shine."


"My favourite 'outside' thing about me is my hair and my 'inside' thing is my humour. If you have good hair and good humour, you are definitely having yourself a good day."



"Self Love to me is practicing daily Gratitude, having a positive mindset, kind thoughts and loving Everything about yourself, including all your flaws.
Wake up each morning, count your Blessings, take a deep breath, appreciate your surroundings and you will begin to realise just how Blessed You are, to be who You are. 
Be Grateful for the beautifully-messy life that you have, that too is Self Love."


"My favourite thing about myself is my personality. I love how honest I am with myself and with others. I love that I am always able to be myself, no matter where I am or who is around me." 


"Self-love does not have to start as love. Sometimes it just starts with acceptance. And gradually, day by day, you'll notice those little things about yourself that make you fall madly in love with yourself because you are no longer blinded by expectations and disappointments. So start by saying "I am enough". You are. You always have been. And always will be."


"For the longest time, there was nothing about me that I loved. Physically at least. I have always liked my imagination and my connection with animals. But the older I got, the more I fell in love with myself. I love the way I laugh when my boyfriend says something ridiculous. I love the smile that comes when I witness an animal doing something cute. I love how my eyes sparkle with tears whenever I read a heartwarming story. I love that my hair is bushy because it reminds me of the grace of lions. I love how strong my body is, how it can hold me up and pick itself up after a long week. I love my freckles, scars, blemishes. Because they are me. And all of me is my favourite."



"Self love to me...where to start! Well, if there's one thing I've learned - it's a journey. One that evolves and changes as much as you do and a journey I think we take till our dying breath. I don't think I can ever say "I've arrived" when it comes to complete self love, but I think I've learned to say along the way "I love where I am at right now" and be truly grateful for the progress.
I think the only piece of advice I could give anyone around self-love is what I've lived... and that is: True self love sinks beneath your skin, walks the twisty paths of your mind, into the deepest part of your soul and says 'finally, I'm home'."


" My favourite thing is my eyes, my dad always referred to me as "ocean eyes", before he passed (eat your heart out Billie Eillish!) and well you know what they say..eyes are a window to the soul!"



"Self love is treating your mind and body with kindness through all seasons. It is listening to what your body needs and prioritising those needs, whether it be a salad, chocolate cake or a mental health day. It is validating your feelings and allowing yourself to experience your emotions in their rawest form. My advice to all would be to never stop looking after yourself as you would your loved ones. Fill yourself up with love and kindness and share the excess with those around you."



"I love my ability to empathise with anyone who crosses my path, as well as myself. It has allowed me to emotionally connect to many people and support them through their highs and lows in the most rewarding ways. It has also allowed me to be gentle on myself through my darker days. Physically, my favourite part of myself is my smile, I think I look most beautiful when I'm smiling."





"Self love is being kind to yourself, even on the days when you're lower than low.

Self love is taking a step back and reminding yourself that you CAN do it and that ARE capable.

Self love is constantly surrounding yourself with people that bring sunshine into your life.

Self love is also realizing that you deserve all the extraordinary things in life!"


"I love my ability to see goodness in others and so, to see goodness in others fills me with an inner peace."


 We hope you enjoyed reading about our Durban Self Love Campaign and that these remarkable women inspire you to not make yourself smaller for anyone and to celebrate all the things about yourself. 

We would love to hear what your favourite thing about yourself is, please share it with us in the comment section below. x


Campaign captured by talented Joy Gazing Photography

June 25, 2021 — Mianca Teifel
Tags: SelfLove

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